Contemplating Dr. Aron’s Treatment

I am a registered nurse.I have 3 children. My daughter, who is my last child, was born w eczema.

This was our life…

Go to the dr get some hydrocortisone.. Use it often.. Keeps coming back.. People start giving recommendation for creams.. Use Aquaphor, Eucerin, Cetaphil. Some work but only for a little while. Back to the doctor. Here’s another steroid that’s a little stronger.. Yay – it worked. But not for long. So we use aveeno baths, oatmeal baths some more creams. Use free and clear they say.. Free and clear – everything is bought. No help. Trip back to the doctor. Go to the allergist and get a list of allergies. Avoid gluten, avoid dairy and you will see improvement. Yay – but not for long.

So you buy some books.. The eczema diet, how to cure eczema. You feed your baby papaya because it’s great for the skin the book says.. But she hates it along with the bone broth so you’re feeling defeated yet again.

Let me try some Vaseline with the steroid or maybe Cervae. Oh what the hell – slap on the coconut oil too. No help.

Let’s see the dermatologist..

Here’s 3 meds.. 2 are steroids… Yay – some relief but not for long. So what’s next? More steroids but let’s try a bleach bath or a vinegar one. That will work they say. Hey wrap that baby up in wet pajamas filled with creams and put her to bed. Tomorrow will be better – but tomorrow is Zyrtec in the morning, Benadryl in the afternoon and don’t forget the nightly Atarax. All day long – apply, apply the meds.. The foam steroid and the cream. Oh no – the ointment topical is better they say.

We are still covered in this awful disease so it’s back to the doctor.

Try some immunosuppressant creams. “It’s ok the black box warning was only tested on rats no cancer in kids” they say.

So you’re home and helpless and hesitantly applying the cream hoping for a miracle but relief is short lived. Here’s some oral steroids..

“I’m sorry honey. You don’t like the taste. I will go to pharmacy and have it flavored. I will put it in juice, milk, even soda if you will just drink it. I’m sorry my precious girl! I am trying my best to help you. After you’re wrapped like a mummy, I will search the Internet for the answers.

And then you stumble upon Dr. Aron

And you wonder and contemplate, but the internet is a scary place. How can you be sure? You ask your doctor and the answer is that “steroids and antibiotic use is not meant long term.” You sit and suddenly it dawns on you..

I have been applying steroids for 5 years straight. Each time a new one or a new combo of multiple meds. How can you say what you have been doing isn’t long term???? They say “Eczema is a chronic condition and should b treated w steroids no more than a week or 2.” A diabetic, an asthmatic, a person with high blood pressure are people treated long term because it’s considered “chronic” – as it should be for eczema sufferers.

So I contemplated..

What’s 6 more months of giving this a try??? It’s heavily diluted. What do I have to lose? It’s been 5 years of long term steroid use. So I did it.. I bit the bullet.. I tried Dr. Aron.

5 months later my baby is unwrapped and healthy and happy. We no longer use the cream even daily!!! We were given our lives back.. And I would never spend another minute giving any doctor the time of day to tell me about long term steroid use because in reality, that’s what they are doing to our children anyway!!!

Very thankful to Dr. Aron and the Dr. Aron Facebook group.