Bath Time is Fun Again!

Before Dr. Aron, bath time involved stripping our little one while he screamed that he wasn’t dirty and ripped his skin open when we weren’t looking. It involved adding bleach to his bath, and having bandages for his arms and legs on stand by, along with a steroid and Vaseline. It always involved screaming, tears…and promises to be good if we’d just end the bath. Heart wrenching in ways that folks who don’t deal with eczema in their little ones don’t even realize.

Today…rather than prying footie jammies off of a screaming 3 year old who has so many strong opinions about the way things should work…he stripped down and hopped in the bath with glee! He played with toys and even did the hair washing thing with laughing….He’s been running a low grade fever for 4 days…its viral (which is eh…as he’s allergic to so many antibiotics anyway), so we’re in symptom treating and wait and see….but he’s so gosh darn cheerful and isn’t ripping his flesh open just because his nose is running. We have a minor flare but its endurable.
To say that I am grateful is a gross understatement. Dr. Aron gave us our life back.