For moderate cases of eczema too!

I used to think that Dr Aron wasn’t right for us because our daughter Anna’s eczema wasn’t “bad” enough.

Yes, Anna was seen by hospital dermatology (even though they were trying their best to discharge her). Yes, we were applying strong, neat steroids all over her body every week (to not particularly good effect). And yes, her eczema had a huge impact on our family life and was probably the thing that was stressing me out the most (much more than her brother’s type 1 diabetes, which is quite saying something since managing diabetes is a 24-hour job and can be life-threatening if things go badly wrong).

But Anna wasn’t missing school, she wasn’t being hospitalised for infections and she was even sleeping ok (albeit scratching while she slept). Anna’s eczema didn’t have nearly the same devastating impact as many of Dr Aron’s other patients I read about and, in my head at least, doing an online consultation with a dermatologist half way around the world was the sort of thing that only a very desperate person would do.

In July 2014, after reading about more and more happy eczema-turns-good stories in the ‘Dr Aron eczema treatment discussion group’ (and there were only about 100 members in the group at that time compared to over 2000 now), I decided that enough was enough and I wanted Anna to enjoy the benefits of the Aron regime too. A few days later, our first pot of cream arrived and we haven’t looked back. She has been practically eczema-symptom-free ever since and life is great. My one regret, which is a common one amongst Dr Aron patients, is that we didn’t start sooner.

However mild, moderate or severe you think you or your child’s eczema is, the fact that you are reading this means that the eczema is an issue for you (normal people don’t read eczema websites for fun!). So I say to you, why not give Dr Aron a go? What have you got to lose? I have heard so many people say it is the best decision they ever made!