Before and After using steroids for eczema

The Best Eczema Treatment In The World

Thought I’d share my story in a nutshell for both sufferers and parents. I am an adult, age 26 on Dr. Aron’s Regime.

Last year, I did TSW (topical steroid withdrawal) and I Went through hell – intense flakes, oozing, incessant itch, bacterial infections and debilitation. I lost my job, confidence, social life… almost my wife.

I Learned about Dr. Aron and with insights from members of this Dr. Aron Facebook page, I learned more about overcoming my irrational fear of steroids that I built over weeks of self-diagnosing.

I decided to reach out to Dr. Aron and he even helped facilitate getting my prescription here in Toronto, Canada. I received my cream within 24 hours of first contact.

Within 48 hours from first application, I felt like I had my life back! I’ve been on his regime since March of 2015 and I am now in the process of tapering use. After checkup, there appears to be no systemic effects or issues with thyroid, adrenals, cortisol levels thus far.

To boot, Dr. Aron’s support and custom-tailored treatment has been consistent over the months. His genius mixture is the only thing that has been able to really keep my skin under control long-term… you can bet I’ve practically tried everything before finding this guy!

Like holy smokes… I still can’t believe this.

These photos were taken earlier this year when I started his regime and still going strong.