How We Finally Won the Battle Against Eczema

Many of you already know the numerous things we as parents will try to find, eliminate or treat our kid’s eczema triggers. I am part of a wonderful community of parents who offered advice on how to heal the skin naturally including essential oils, coconut oil, goat soap, elimination diets, detergents, probiotics, changing bath soaps, […]

Eczema and Staph

Staphylococcus aureus, often referred to as “staph,” is a very common bacteria. Approximately 25-30% of healthy people carry this organism on their skin or in their nose. There is an important distinction to be made between staph colonization and infection.   Colonization of staph does not require treatment. Most individuals are unaware if they are […]

before and after with Dr. Aron

From the Avene Clinic to Dr. Aron

My daughter (9 yrs old) has had eczema since she was a few weeks old. We initially held it at bay with diet/breastfeeding and moisturising daily. She had a major flare following contact with raw egg and she was subsequently diagnosed with egg, milk, and dust mite allergy. She has always tested negative for coeliac […]

Contemplating Dr. Aron’s Treatment

I am a registered nurse.I have 3 children. My daughter, who is my last child, was born w eczema. This was our life… Go to the dr get some hydrocortisone.. Use it often.. Keeps coming back.. People start giving recommendation for creams.. Use Aquaphor, Eucerin, Cetaphil. Some work but only for a little while. Back […]

Before and after pic of topical steroid withdrawal

Leaving Topical Steroid Withdrawal Behind and Finding Healing

I’ve had eczema since around the age of 7. In the past few months, I can only understand that it was an emotional trauma that set it off. With help from my therapist (yes I got so ill I had to see a therapist) we went back through the years and found that to be […]

Before and After using steroids for eczema

The Best Eczema Treatment In The World

Thought I’d share my story in a nutshell for both sufferers and parents. I am an adult, age 26 on Dr. Aron’s Regime. Last year, I did TSW (topical steroid withdrawal) and I Went through hell – intense flakes, oozing, incessant itch, bacterial infections and debilitation. I lost my job, confidence, social life… almost my […]

Bath Time is Fun Again!

Before Dr. Aron, bath time involved stripping our little one while he screamed that he wasn’t dirty and ripped his skin open when we weren’t looking. It involved adding bleach to his bath, and having bandages for his arms and legs on stand by, along with a steroid and Vaseline. It always involved screaming, tears…and […]

Seeing is Believing

This is my 2 week update, using Dr. Aron’s treatment for my child’s eczema. They say that seeing is believing and if that is the case, then my daughter Elizabeth should certainly help many of you see what a difference this past 2 weeks has made. 14 days of Dr Aron and I don’t recognize this […]

For moderate cases of eczema too!

I used to think that Dr Aron wasn’t right for us because our daughter Anna’s eczema wasn’t “bad” enough. Yes, Anna was seen by hospital dermatology (even though they were trying their best to discharge her). Yes, we were applying strong, neat steroids all over her body every week (to not particularly good effect). And […]