Eczema Sense was formed by a group of individuals who are passionate about treating children with the skin condition of eczema – using the safest and most effective method of treatment possible, with the least amount of suffering.

The founders are all parents of children who once suffered with severe and debilitating eczema – children who are no longer struggling with their skin condition and who are finally getting the opportunity to shine and express themselves as all children should be able to.

We have two primary goals:

1. To promote the healing methods of Dr. Aron in regards to eczema.

While millions suffer with this condition, relief is still difficult to find for many. Dr. Aron has found, what we believe, to be the safest and most effective treatment of eczema today. He continually gets results where others fail. With Dr. Aron’s treatment, patients often see their itching and pain nearly eliminated within days and the skin continues to heal while becoming vibrant and beautiful again.

2. To discourage the use of TSW (topical steroid withdrawal) in treating eczema and skin conditions in children and focus on bringing relief and healing

TSW causes enormous pain and suffering that can last for years and often never provides relief. It’s a high risk alternative to treatment. The majority of topical steroid addiction material is anecdotal and withdrawal, as a treatment for eczema, is not recommended by most medical professionals. There are far better and safer alternatives. While adults are old enough to weigh the outcome against the risks and suffering, many children are being put through the brutal side-effects of topical steroid withdrawal without a say in the matter.